1. High Cost of Living / Inflation / Energy Cost

  • I will fight tirelessly to Provide Tax Relief In An Effort to Eradicate Inflation
  • Now is the time to Suspend Gas Tax and Lower Home Heating Prices
  • I have Pledged not to support any new taxes

2. School Safety and Education

Need for Continued School Safety, a top priority

  • Continue the excellent work done by our School Resource Officers
  • Work with parents and principals of our local schools, as well as local Police Departments
  • I encourage parent input to my office and to their school administration of any safety concerns they have for their students

Protection of Pupil Rights

  • Inspection of instructional materials by parents or guardians
  • Limits on survey, analysis, or evaluations without the prior written consent of the parent or guardian
  • Development of local policies concerning student privacy, parental access to information, and administration of certain physical examinations for minors

3. Illegal Immigration

A Policy giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is a policy that undermines the public safety, public health, and election integrity of our state.

I support 

  • Vote No for Licenses for Illegal Immigrants 
  • Requiring a proof of residency to receive local service
  • Increasing the penalties for producing counterfeit identification documents
  • Increasing penalties for organizations that knowingly hire illegal immigrants

4. Police and Veterans

  • I pledge to always support our women and men in blue by opposing radical legislation and continuing to reach across the aisle to bring funding to the towns of Hanover, Rockland, Hanson and Norwell
  • I oppose eliminating qualified immunity, limiting the use of no-knock warrants which would expose police officers to potentially life-threatening situations and restricting the ability of schools to notify law enforcement of potential problems, including students suspected of being affiliated with gangs or dealing drugs
  • As your state representative, I will never support any legislation that diminishes the ability of our men and women in blue to do their jobs, and I will never endorse proposals that stand in the way of our schools from engaging in early intervention
  • We need to do our best at the state level to augment Veterans Administration programs which are often ineptly administered and grossly ineffective. 
  • I support legislation similar to S1885 which mandated that disabled veterans be given priority placement in public housing.

I am a life member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Disabled American Veterans and make it a point to attend meetings regularly.  I have committed to keeping in touch with all veterans organizations supporting Hanover, Norwell, Rockland and Hanson

5. Affordable Housing & 40B

• Allow communities to count manufactured housing as rental units.

• Include the ability to take into account the environmental impact of large developments, especially as regards the impact on aquifers, before approval is granted.

• Provide for thorough audits of developers once projects are complete to assure that each project is in compliance with statutory to include significant penalties.